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SOLID CB-SSL C-Band One Solution (C-Band Single Solution LNBF) LNBF

This LNB is best if you have one or more set-top box installed in your home or office. You can use simple power pass splitter to connect all multiple set-top boxes.

Technical Specifications:

Input - 3.7-4.2 GHz

LO Freq.: 5.150 - 5.750 GHz

Output Freq: 950-2050MHz

Stability: +/-250KHz

Gain: 60dB (Min.)

Noise: 12K

Phase Noise: -85dBc / HZ@10KHz

DC Input: 11-20V (Max.)

( Please note if you connect two or more set-top box then there is gain loss is -10dB per set-top box, use loop connection from set-top box. for more support visit on Support Forum.)

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